The Sweetheart

Sweetheart can be heard on: Making Monsters.

Sweetheart is love at first sight. The design elements are comprised of overlapping and reflecting heart shapes arranged in a Coke bottle figure. Blood wood courses through the neck. Purple heart and ribbon sapele make up the tonewood core. Padauk and leopardwood are the ventricles and atria of the overlapping reflected hearts.

Gibson ’59 reissued Burstbucker Pros provide the searing heat in the Sweetheart. The 27.5″ baritone scale allows for deeper voice. The semi-hollow-body design enables the best of both worlds — fully electric, moderately acoustic, light weight yet heavy enough for amazing sustain… and she’s pretty easy on the eyes too.


Unum is heard on Intro to a First Kiss, Two Depart, Shade, Divorced from Reality, Flea the Rats, and Making Monsters.

In a balance of unity and diversity, under tension, out of many woods, comes this one guitar. Unum has been carved from padauk, rosewood, marblewood, leopardwood, and purpleheart. The hardware includes a Fender Jazzmaster style bridge and tremolo with a Gibson-SG shape and features nickle Gibson Burstbucker Pro 1959 replica humbucker pickups.


The Bookworm is heard on the track Old Fashioned.

The Bookworm was created by devouring the book, “Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting”, features a rosewood fretboard with paperpunch fret marker inlays, mahogany and oak composite neck, a humbucker pickup, and a novel’s worth of notes.

El Presidente:

El Presidente is heard on Drift Away.

El Presidente is the most unique guitar I have made. It is constructed from various objects ranging from household items to collectibles. The body is constructed from a cedar box, with a cabinet hinge bridge, and a resonator made from a can of corn, a fluted cake pan, and a chocolate tin. The neck is red oak with a rosewood fingerboard.

The Fender Bender:

The Fender Bender can be heard on: A Mighty Duel.

The Fender-Bender was my first attempt at building a “regular” guitar. I received some Stratocaster components as a gift and so the only rational thing to do was to carve a solid block of ribbon sapele into the shape of a guitar and start adding components, a paduk fretboard, and abalone inlay.