The power trio, Mutiny of Clowns enjoyed much critical acclaim and even headlined the epic Bowling Green Fest before a tragic boating accident took the life of the gifted songwriter, Ernest Ngrom. Ernest’s notebook, containing his greatest songs, was recovered from the hull. The ink was runny and the pages were badly damaged. Guitarist, Matt Schaub drove himself to the brink of insanity spending months and years deciphering the remains of Ernest’s fragmented opus, filling in the blanks as best he could, and hand built his guitars from scratch to fully honor each fragment of a tune. The end result is a psychedelic rock album rendered from a dead man’s journal, checked out from the library of Davy Jones, and hand delivered by Neptune. Brett and Matt have dedicated the forthcoming posthumous release in loving memory of Ernest.

Mutiny of Clowns is Ernest Ngrom (songwriter, tambourine, and glockenspiel), Brett Geiger (percussion), and Matt Schaub (guitars and vocals).